Add custom fields to the contact card

You can customize your contact record according to your needs by adding new fields.

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This feature is available for Premium and Organization plans.

Using custom fields

You have the option to personalize the contact detail fields that appear on the contact form. Once saved on the web platform these fields are visible on both the mobile and web platforms. You can also use the custom fields on your online forms and use them when filtering your contact database.

How to add custom fields?

To add fields to your contact record, go to "Space Settings" > "Contacts/CRM" > "Contacts," and you can add custom fields in the different categories of the contact record.

There are several types of fields available to meet your organization's needs, including: Short Answer, Single response, Checkbox, Numeric, and Date.

💡This choice will define the data restriction for the entered information.

Choose the field type carefully as it cannot be changed after saving. Or delete the field and make a new one 😆.

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