Contact database start guide
A guide for how to set up and manage your contact database
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Import, manage and engage with contacts on Qomon

Looking to import, manage and engage with your contacts? You've come to the right place! Through this guide, you'll find out how to easily import your contacts, organize them by tags, support levels, dynamic lists, add interactions and communicate with them.

Example of a contact database on Qomon

1) Import your contacts

The first step to working with your contacts is to import them. You can import contact lists in CSV or XLS format and add people you meet on the field directly on the mobile app or through your online petition. How to import files.

2) Create tags and customize your support levels

Once you've imported your list of contacts, you can then organize contacts by tags and support levels. By adding tags and support levels, targeting your communication and actions will be more effective!

3) Create dynamic lists

In addition to assigning tags and support levels, you can create dynamic lists that help segment your contacts into specific groups. This feature allows you to always have an updated list of contacts ready to go for actions and communication.

4) Log interactions with your contacts

Each contact record contains additional information and more options!

By opening a profile, you can view that contact's history log, add notes, and you can record all interactions with the selected contact.

5) Communicate with your contacts

Once your contacts are imported and organized, you can start engaging with them! You can send them personal messages or design mass communication campaigns and send SMS*.

If you have any questions or need additional help, please contact us using the bubble chat on bottom right.

*available to spaces with SMS credits. SMS credit availability differs by country.

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