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Consent Options for SMS - Double opt-in
Consent Options for SMS - Double opt-in

Find out what type of opt out/in options we offer and how they work

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Qomon helps you be Privacy Law and GDPR compliant in your region when it comes to collecting and using contact phone numbers.

In this article we'll explain what options you have and what they look like.

Single Opt-in

In a single opt-in scenario, the person agrees to the storage and processing of their data solely by sharing their contact details.

This could happen through a canvassing action where your canvasser speaks to someone and they agree to sharing their number to receive information from your organization. This could also happen through Qomon online form or petition consent boxes.

Double Opt-in

Double opt-in to receive SMS involves a two-step confirmation process where people confirm their subscription by responding to a verification message after agreeing to provide their contact details for communication.

On Qomon, the first opt-in could be through an action where the individual provides their phone number and consents to it being used by checking off the number consent box (check example under single opt in above).

Once their information is submitted, they'll receive a text message asking them to confirm their interest in receiving communication from your organization.

Double Opt in SMS

Once they confirm their interest, their phone number consents will be updates in your Qomon database accordingly:

SMS consent updated on web platform

This method ensures a higher level of consent and helps prevent unwanted communications, as users actively confirm their desire to receive SMS messages.


Opt-out SMS allows recipients (your contacts) to unsubscribe from receiving further text messages by responding with a specific keyword or following the provided opt-out link.

All SMS communication leaving Qomon have an opt-out message by default:

Example of SMS with opt out message

You can also automatically send a subscription confirmation message and opt-out link immediately after the contact submits their information to your organizaiton:

Example of automatic SMS subscription confirmation and opt out message

To set this up, contact support.

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