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Learn how to utilize the Team feature on Qomon's web app.

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What are Teams in your Qomon space?

Qomon teams enable you to easily group together your members. Having a team will allow you to assign actions, share documents/materials, and communicate with your team members in a simple fashion.

⚠️ By default, all users on the mobile app will be able to see your teams ⚠️

Utilize the secret Team feature to have control over who is seeing and joining your team.

How to create a Team?

In your Qomon space, head over to “Users & Teams” > select “Teams” > and then “Create a team.”

You can add links, addresses, hide the list of members, make teams secret, and designate a team leader. Once you've chosen your features, select “Create” at the top right of your screen to invite selected members to view!

Team Features?

🏆 Team Name

Give your Team a name that reflects the identity of your new group. Make sure it's short and effective so it’s readable on a mobile device.

📝 Team Goal

Adding a short description of your team's goal will help the members better understand what their purpose is!

💪 Build your team

Create your Team by selecting members from the dropdown menu, or by searching the names of members in your space.

🧑‍🍳 Set team leader

Appoint a team leader: their contact information will be visible to everyone in the team and they will be able to see all members' contact information.

📍Add a scope of action

Add an address to indicate where your scope of action will take place. For example: a headquarters, office location, or meeting spot.

🔐 Hidden members list

Turning the hidden members list on makes it so that only the team leader can see the contact information of members.

🤫 Make this team secret

Users will only be able to join this team when added by admin, and the team will not be visible to those otherwise.

🔗 External links

You can add external links such as Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram so that those who join have direct access to your different resources and communication channels!

How does it look on a mobile device?

You are able to view your teams in your “Profile” tab on the mobile app. You have the option to click “Join a team” to see if there are any public teams available for you to join.

Team members, make sure you are keeping an eye on your mobile app and email to see if your team leaders are sending you important updates!

🥳 And that’s everything! Don’t hesitate to contact support if you have any questions.

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