How to use and modify Support Levels

Learn how to choose your support level options and organize your database

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❗️​CAUTION: The modifications made here will be visible directly on the mobile app, this could impact your members in the middle of organizing.❗️

What are support levels?

The Support Levels feature enables you to categorize a contact. You can determine what that person represents for your organization. The aim being to allow you to group your contacts by how much they know about you or how much they support your project.

🎯 This gives you a better insight into which contacts you want to target!

How to modify the support levels?

🎨 Your account will have default support levels' options but you're able to customize them at any time (and with colors too!).

✅​ To modify the titles, go to your account in the bottom left > Space Settings > Contacts/CRM > support levels > Click on the field > Make your modification and click save.

❌ To add a level typology, click on "Add a subfield". You can also delete it by clicking on the “X” to the right of the line. We strongly advise to avoid putting qualifications of political affiliation or opposition.

❗️You can always go back by clicking on the "Choose a template" at the top of the screen, and selecting "Go back to default support levels" ❗️

What about the mobile app?

  • When adding a contact or modifying an existing one on the mobile app, you'll be given the option to choose a support level for that contact.

  • The support level options on the mobile app are calibrated and sent from the Qomon web platform the moment you click save.

  • Any questions? We have answers! Contact support.

💡 Think about adding colors to make your contact database more dynamic!

💡 You can set up automatic emails or SMS messages on support levels.

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