CAUTION: The modifications made here will be directly visible on the mobile app, this could impact or confuse your members and teams ❗️

What is a "Level of support"?

That information give the possibility of categorizing a contact. This allows you to supplement the information you have on that person by adding a level of support. You can determine what that person represents for your organization.

  • The goal is to allow you to group your contacts by level of support in order to carry out actions or communication. 🎯

Example :  Level of support =>  No Support / Uncertain / Supporter / Strong Support / Donor / Team member

How to modify the level of support?

Your account will have default level of support but you're able to customize them at any time.

  • To modify the titles, click on it, make your modification and Save ✅

  • To add a level typology, click on "Add a subfield". You can also delete it by clicking on the X to the right of the line. ❌

  • By clicking on "Add a field", you can add another way to categorise a person if you wish.

  • It is strongly advised not to put qualifications of political affiliation or opposition.

❗️You can always go back by clicking on the "i" at the top of the screen, and select "return to default settings" ❗️



  • If you make changes in the level of support, don’t forget to adapt the category (Is it more of a support, voluntary or undecided type?)

These categories will power up the targeting of your database. 🎯

What about the mobile app? 

When adding a contact or modifying an existing one, you have the option to assign them a level of support.

The suggested level of support on the mobile app are selected and sent from the Qomon dashboard (web platform) from the moment you Save

Any questions? We have answers! Contact support 😅

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