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Frequently asked questions about sending an SMS through Qomon
Frequently asked questions about sending an SMS through Qomon

Detailed questions and answers about Qomon's SMS function

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FAQ about sending an SMS through Qomon

You asked, we answered:

🤔 Who can send an SMS on Qomon?

The only roles that have access to the "Communication" and "Contact Database" tabs are administrators and supervisors. Therefore, they are the only ones that can send SMS messages through the Qomon web app.

If you have a Premium or Organizational package, the roles can be personalized to control who has access to send SMS.

📲 What number is displayed on the receivers' telephone?

The people who receive an SMS from you will see the first 11 characters of the name that you chose when you activated the SMS function.

🛑 What about GDPR?

A "STOP SMS" notice is automatically added to the end of your SMS. However, depending on the nature of the message, you can remove this notice.

📊 What corresponds to the SMS sending analysis?

Delivered : Sent and delivered to your intended receivers
Sent : Sent but not delivered
Error : Not sent

💰 How to purchase/reload SMS?

To activate and purchase your SMS credits, go to the communication tab and click Enable SMS; you will then be able to talk with our team to find out how many credits suit your needs.

If you have already activated SMS you will be able to reload your credits. To reload, all you need to do is contact support and they will set you up with the right amount for your goal!

⏳ When should you send an SMS?

Send an SMS if you want to engage your community or let them know about any upcoming events/news. Stay connected with your contacts.

🏋️ Can you send a bulk SMS?

You can send bulk SMS messages! As long as you have the credits, you can select as many contacts as you like (helpful to use filters to make sure your messages are going to your target).

📱 How do you know which contacts have a mobile number?

Utilize Qomon’s filters! In your contact database you are able to click Filters in the top left of your screen; you will be able to choose from four different options concerning phone numbers.

❌ If I have a wrong number do I lose credits?

Only SMS that are received will be counted! So if you have an obsolete number it will not affect your credits.

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