How is a direct mail action carried out with Qomon? 📬

You can import a contact database into your space. To find out more, click here.

⚠️ There are two methods to use the direct mail action:

• Carry out targeted direct mailing using the addresses in your contact database.

• Accomplish a complete direct mailing focusing on a geographical area. This allows you to have the list and to cover all of the streets present in this zone.

The purpose of the direct mail action is to provide volunteers with a roadmap to conduct organised direct mailling. This ensures that all the streets are covered by a volunteer and brought up to HQ.

When volunteers are mobilised on a direct mail action organised by the HQ, they receive a notification and the roadmap directly on their mobile, on the Qomon app.

💻 How to create a direct mail action from the web platform?

⚠️There are two methods of using direct mail action:

1️⃣ From the "Actions" tab

On the left of your screen, you have the option to "Create an action".

Simply select the type of action, which in our case is "Direct Mail". You must then choose the zone in which you want the direct mail to take place. Select one or more streets, or even more broadly, a city:

• You can also draw an area on the map where you want to conduct direct mailing; This can be a polling station, a district, a micro-district, or even a geographic area (North, South…).

• ⚠️ Now is the time to decide which method you will use (see image on the right):

➡️ "the streets in which you have contacts": To conduct targeted direct mailing using the addresses of the citizens already present in your contact database.

➡️ "the streets in which you have no contacts": To have a roadmap of all the streets in this area. To carry out a complete direct mail action and add new contacts to your contact database.

2️⃣ From the "Map" tab

On the left of the screen, you can click on any part of your city. Two contours are available: "IRIS" (provided by INSEE) and polling stations (electoral breakdown).

• You can select one of these areas to initiate a direct mail action in it. Click on the "Create an action here" button to enter the creation tunnel.

📲 How does this look on mobile?

Here you have the first 3 screens that the volunteers, mobilised for direct mail action, will find:

• 1: The notification of the action in progress

• 2: The summary of the information to know to carry out the action (date, appointment...)

• 3: The roadmap with all of the streets and/or specific addresses to conduct direct mailing.

📲 Here is how it goes from there for a direct mail volunteer:

Qomon is now used as a digital notebook for volunteers. All the tools you need for effective mobilisation are in one app! 🤳

4: Here you are with a precise list of streets, just click on the 🔘 of all the streets you want to declare as "Completed".

5: If there is an arrow ▶ ️ on the right of the address, it means that you can enter this address in order to be even more precise. You can then "Complete" a building or a number.

6: Once you have a ☑️ next to all the streets, you know you've finished your direct mailing! 🥇. Your HQ will be informed in real time.

A few tips:

• Use the search bar to find the street or number you are looking for.

• If you are on the wrong street, you can always click on the ☑️ and reopen it.

• You can create the action on one or more streets, or even an entire territory.

• If you create a new action, all the streets already declared as "Completed" will be done again.

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