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How to organize flyer handout operations with Qomon?
How to organize flyer handout operations with Qomon?

Best practices and tips to launch and follow your handout operations.

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How is a flyer handout action carried out with Qomon? 📬

To begin, we suggest importing a contact database into your space. To find out more, click here.

📬 The purpose of the "handout mail" action is to provide volunteers with a roadmap to conduct organized leafleting. This ensures that all the streets are covered by a volunteer and reported back up to HQ.

📣 Volunteers will receive a notification and roadmap directly on their mobile app once they're assigned to a handout mail action.

⚠️ There are two methods to use the handout mail action ⚠️

  • Distribute leaflets by targeting addresses in your contact database.

  • Hand out mail by focusing on a geographical area. This allows you to have a list and cover all of the streets in a specified zone.

💻 How to create a direct mail action from the web platform?

From the "Actions" tab

On the left hand side of your screen under Mobilize you will find the Actions tab. On the top right corner, click on "Create an action". Simply select the type of action, which in this case is "Handout mail".

handout mail

Choose the zone in which to carry out the handout mail action. Select one or more streets:


Alternatively, you can draw an area on the map where you want to conduct leafleting using the cut turf option (make sure to click on one of the two dots created with the turf to finish drawing):


Next, decide which method you will use:

  • The selected area

  • My selected contacts

  • The streets where I don't have contacts


After you have selected the people you will be interacting with, create a name and a date for the action so that your volunteers can keep track of their schedules.

💡You can also add a script or link for the volunteers to use after adding a name, date and time!

From the "Maps" tab

On the left hand side of your screen under Analyze you will find the Maps tab. You can click on any part of your city that you wish to target for your handout mail action.

There are a few different contours available that you can see in the screenshot below. Select the one that suits you best, and then choose your area of interest.

⚠️ Map contour options will differ depending on location. The example below is of Massachusetts to give you an idea of how it will look


After selecting your desired area, all of your contacts from that specific location will be shown. Select:

> Actions > Create Action > Handout mail

You will have all of the contacts selected from the area you chose and can create your roadmap!


📲 When the volunteer begins on the mobile app:

When logging on to Qomon’s mobile app, you can select the action right away from the HQ section, or head over to the Actions section to see what else is upcoming and in your area. You can see that in the first two pictures.


Once selecting the action, you can see that third screen, which will give you information about the map, date, time, and other information. After clicking Start action, Qomon will give you a roadmap with all of the streets and/or specific addresses to conduct your leafleting!

⚠️ For Admin ⚠️

The volunteers will see a precise list of streets and will be able to click on the 🔘 when a street is “Completed”. If there is an arrow ▶ on the right of the street name, it means that you can specify the exact number of the address they have visited. They can then mark specific street numbers or buildings as "Complete".

💡 Some Helpful Tips

🏠 Use the search bar to find the street or number you are looking for.

🔎 Utilize our filters to sort houses by distance or alphabetically.

😅 If you have mistakenly marked an address as complete, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the check mark to reopen.

🎉 If you create a new or different action in the same area, any houses/streets that were marked as Completed, will show up unaffected!

🥇 HQ will be informed in real-time.


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