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What is 10 DLC?

10DLC is a local 10-digit phone number that requires Brand & Use Case registration and supports throughput levels suitable for A2P SMS campaigns. This is required by US wireless carriers to ensure that SMS is being used responsibly, to protect the public from fraud and spammers through mass SMS campaigns, and to ensure that all users comply with laws and regulations.

Here at Qomon, our SMS provider facilitates 10DLC approval for those looking to send SMS campaigns in the United States. This is done by registering your Brand and Use Case using this form.

What can I do with 10DLC?

Once approved by the wireless carrier, your Brand is able to send both promotional and transactional messages to your audiences through Qomon.

For example: You'd be able to invite your contact database to a weekend event that your organization may be holding...

"Hello [First Name], Our Organization is holding a community meal event on Saturday and we'd love to see you there. All are welcome. 42 Pleasant St. City, Zip Code"

You can also send MMS to your contact database as well.

So long as your messages match that of the use cases you provided in your form, your message should be sent successfully. If not, your 10DLC may be blocked.

Options and Pricing

All 10DLC customers will have to pay a mandatory Brand Registration Fee of $4.

Then, you'll need to choose one of the following:

  • Option 1: Standard - US$10 - billed US$120/year. 12-month minimum commitment required. One use case. Valid for most use cases.

  • Option 2: Low Volume Mixed - US$2 - billed US$24/year. 12-month minimum commitment required. Valid for most use cases, up to 5. RECOMMENDED ⭐️

    • This is a good fit solution if you meet the following criteria:

      • You don’t send more than 10k SMS/month across all carriers.

      • You don’t need high throughput. Low Volume Mixed cases are restricted to 75 messages/minute on the AT&T network and capped volume at 2k messages/day on T-Mobile.

      • Your messages are NOT time-sensitive.

  • Option 3: Charity - US$3 - billed US$36/year. 12-month minimum commitment required. Valid for most use cases.

Additional charges to consider: Pass-through Fees

There are additional Carrier Pass-through* fees per message on top of the SMS message rates. For message rates, please contact customer support.

These are subject to change.

*Note: These additional costs will be added to current message rates. Message charges will be: Message rate + Surcharge to destination carrier = Total message cost.

US Carrier Name

SMS / Carrier fee in USD

MMS / Carrier fee in USD

Message Direction

T-Mobile USA / Metro PCS / Sprint



Outbound & Inbound




Outbound only




Outbound only

U.S. Cellular



Outbound only




Outbound only

Claro Puerto Rico



Outbound only

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