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How to Send Email Campaigns with Qomon?
How to Send Email Campaigns with Qomon?

Discover valuable tips on sending email campaigns from your Qomon space.

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Important Information:

  • When subscribing to your Qomon subscription, you automatically receive 300 free email credits per month.

  • These credits are renewed on the anniversary date of your subscription or every month.

  • Your automated emails use these credits, allowing you to choose your sender and other settings.

How to Send Emails?

It's simple. Just choose your audience from your contact base (from a list, for example, or using available filters).

Once you've carefully selected the audience, click the "Action" button at the top right and choose "Send bulk email."

You can then choose to use a template provided by Qomon or create your own.

💡 Remember to save it to create your personal library!

Then, customize your email. You can send test emails to verify your creation!

💡 Be sure to add/select your sender address! A default Qomon address is provided, but you can add your own!

That's it! All that's left is to stay in regular contact with your community!

Analytics and Reports:

Find the reports of your campaign sends in the "Communication" tab:

If you want to increase your monthly emails credits, there are two solutions:

  • From your billing space, you can activate automatic credit limit increase based on your usage. With this, you don't have to worry about remaining credits; we take care of everything!

  • You can manually select your email plan to determine the quantity you need.

Some Tips and Best Practices:

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