How to send text messages through Qomon

Engage your community using texts on Qomon.

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Send text messages through Qomon

📲 If you don't have SMS credits, or need to reload your credits, read this before going further!

📊 Before we start, make sure your SMS feature is activated, and head to your contact database!

Engage > Contacts OR Engage > Communication > Send SMS

🔎 Step 1: Filter your contact base

Once you are in your contact base, the most important step is to filter your contacts that have given you a phone number and can receive an SMS!

You also have the option to select filters to be more specific in who you are sending SMS messages to. For example, if you only want to send an SMS to people in a specific area:

📝 Step 2: Write your text

Click on the "Action" button on the top right and then select "Send SMS". A window will open and you can write your message!

🚀 Step 3: Send your text and analyze the results.

Is your text ready? Let’s go!

You will have the details of the messages:

  • Distributed: the message was sent and delivered

  • Sent: the message was sent but not delivered

  • Error: the message was not sent (SMS with the errors "Delivery failed", "Delivery expired" and "Error unknown" will be considered as consumed/invoiced).

💡Good to know, how to calculate your SMS credit usage?

🤔 Still have questions? Check out our FAQ on SMS.

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