You can send text messages to your contact base once the feature is activated.

Step 1: Filter your contact base

Go to your contact base and select the filter "Phone: Mobile field".

(You can, of course, add other filters if you wish).

Here you are with all the contacts with a cell phone number filled in.

Step 2: Write the text

Click on the "Action" button on the right and select "Send SMS" and a window will open. You can now write your message.

Good to know đź’ˇ

If your SMS goes :

  • between 0 and 160 characters, you consume 1 SMS per contact.

  • between 161 and 306 characters: you consume one 2 SMS per contact

  • between 307 and 459 characters: you consume one 3 SMS per contact

Step 3: Send the text and analyse results

Your text is ready? Let’s go! 🚀

You have the details of the messages :

  • Distributed: the message is sent and received

  • Sent: the message sent but not received

  • Error: the message was not sent (SMS with the errors "Delivery failed", "Delivery expired" and "Error unknown" will be considered as consumed/invoiced).

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