What’s direct mail? 📬

Direct mail is a marketing and communication technique used to send electronically or by post information and leaflets that promote a product, service, brand ...
In order for it to be efficient, it needs to be targeted to the right people. Usually, it targets people according to contact bases previously collected.
Direct mail is usually composed of a personalised message, a presentation of the product/service, and a response section.
The goal is to trigger interest, a meeting request or, even better, a quote request.

Why should direct mail be targeted? 🎯

You should target your action both for economic and ecological reasons. This way, you’ll send your message only to people who could be interested in your product/service!

How to carry a direct mailing action? 🧑‍💻👩‍💻

You should use a software that manages this feature, the most common one is Microsoft Word for example.

How can Qomon help me target my direct mailing action? 🎯

In order to optimize your action, you need to focus on one/a few areas where you want to communicate. To do so, you can use the priority profiles and territory feature on Qomon.

Once we’ve decided which zones you want to focus on, you need to get the contact info of the people who live there.

To do so, you go in the contact base, you select the territory(ies) previously chosen, you export this list and you’re good to go!

What does "export for mailing" mean? 📬

It is a simplified export that you can use to carry out a mail merge. There will only be important information (Name, first name, address)

💡 This feature also allows members of the same family to be grouped together in order to avoid 3 letters if the 3 people live at the same place.

What should you do once you have the people’s contacts?
Here an article from Word’s support centre to help you!

Best practices 💡

  • Use all the necessary filters to better target your action. Once the area is defined, add filters such as age, gender, ...

  • Leave a response section, or any other way to get in touch with you. You will save precious time!

  • If you can, give some goodies, stickers, ... it’s a good way to be remembered!

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