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How to use the canvassing action on Qomon (mobile)
How to use the canvassing action on Qomon (mobile)
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What is a door-to-door canvassing action?

It is an action created by your organization that requires volunteers to go and meet people at their homes.

What does canvassing look like on Qomon? 🚪

📲 Canvassing actions on my phone

Follow these steps to access canvassing actions on your phone:

1) Head over to your notification under your action's tab

2) The action will have all relevant information (date, time...) and you'll be able to mark your attendance.

3) Start your action

4) You'll then be given a roadmap with your list of contacts to visit. Select the street/address to see and update information on the contacts you're visiting.

(The knock corresponds to a contact file in your contact database)

📲 From there:

• Select the contact. The first question is used to mark the person as: Present, Absent, or Refuses to speak to you.

• If the contact is Present and you have the person's consent, a survey will appear automatically and you can begin filling it out.

• If the discussion went well, you will hopefully be able to register the contact card with an email address or a phone number. This information is extremely important for your HQ and your cause!

📲 Lastly:

Once you have finished speaking with the contact, you will have the option to "add follow up" information. It is optional, but if the exchange went well, take this opportunity to report back.

• If you click on "Add follow ups", you'll be able to register the contact's level of support and then assign a task to that contact under the "next steps" options. The "next steps" options are for contacts that really hit it off! Perhaps they want to be updated, attend the next event, or to be contacted again.

Seize the opportunity! Once you've indicated which next steps to take, that information will be sent directly to HQ, both INSTANTLY and SAFELY.

• If the person wishes to be contacted, don't forget about them! 😉


Some Shortcuts:

"Complete an address"

Shortcuts available on the Qomon app:

• Slide your finger on the street or house number to mark the whole street or number as "Completed". This allows you to take out or check off certain addresses that have been visited or are not accessible.

Tips and Best Practices:

• Think of the Qomon mobile app as a digital notebook. Write down all information gathered during an encounter.

• Be specific when gathering information on a contact, it makes communication better and more personal.

• You can skip one or more questions, or go directly to the contact card by clicking on "see questions" during a survey.

• If a person does not exist at the address indicated, you can create a new contact file for the individual actually residing there by selecting the ✚ at the top right of the screen. Some information will be available automatically (Number, street, territory, city).

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