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How to mass modify my contacts

Modify level of support, tags, postcodes, and more en masse from database!

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🤔 How to mass modify my contacts

There are two ways to mass modify contacts on Qomon.

1) Through an import: This option allows you to have a wide variety of fields to update at once for your contacts.

2) Contact database mass modification: This option allows you to mass modify contact information directly on the web app through your contact database. You'll have access to a select amount of fields you can modify. This article will take you through this option.

The mass modification feature on Qomon allows you to change some contact data for multiple contacts directly from your contact database.

☝️ Select contacts

Select the contacts that you'd like to modify. You can filter your list and then select contacts to modify.

How to create dynamic lists.

Make sure to select all pages if you'd like to modify all targets in your filtered list.

Then select "edit".

✅ Select and confirm inputs to modify

Choose any fields from the list that you'd like to change.

To add tags that do not yet exist, you must first add the tag to your space by heading to Settings > Contact/CRM > Tags and then add the tag you'd like to make available. Make sure to 'save'.

🚀 Launch mass modification

Once confirmed, your mass modification will be launched. Head over to imports/exports > Contact change history to follow its progress.

Processing time depends on the volume of contacts and modifications.

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