Modify contacts through an import

How to add or modify contact fields that are already part of your database through an import

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Modify contacts through an import

There are two ways to go about adding or modifying existing contact fields of those already part of your database:

1) Mass modification through the web app - This option gives you a select amount of fields that you can modify directly from your contact database.

2) Modify through an import - It allows you to import more individualized inputs into your fields and offers you a larger selection of fields to choose from. We're going to go through this option.

Modifying through an import

First, you'll need an export of the contacts whose information you wish to modify. You can export a filtered list.

1) Go to your contact database > select all boxes > select all pages > export:

A pop-up will appear:

2) Choose which fields to export. You must include the Qomon contact ID as part of your export. The Qomon contact ID will facilitate a contact update instead of a contact creation when importing with it. 😉 > Generate export

3) Download your export once it's ready

4) Open your export and let the modifying begin! Modify or add the fields necessary. In the example below, you'll see that a new tag was added and that emails were added. You can also modify already existing fields directly in your file:

5) Once all of your changes are made, save your file and prepare to import into Qomon.

6) When importing into Qomon, choose the "Qomon contact ID" to match with your file's ID column (this is the contact ID from your export).

7) Then, choose the columns that you've made modifications and additions to as part of your import - match them to the appropriate fields. You do not have to import columns where no modifications were made - you could even delete them entirely from your file before launching your import. It will help your import go faster.

In the example below, you'll see that I chose to not import first, last, and maiden names along with gender. Since I'm only adding a tag, I've chosen to only import the tag field in addition to the Qomon contact ID number.

8) Launch your export! Once your export is launched, you can follow its progress under your "import" tab. Your contacts will be updated in no time! 🥳

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