Election special: The starting guide to launching your campaign

If you are a candidate or are working with a candidate who has decided to use Qomon, here is the start-up guide.

Written by Mar Cáceres
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Candidate, get ready for the big day!

You've chosen the Qomon application. Here are the 5 key steps to get started.

1. Import your data

One of the specificity of Qomon is that you can gather and store all your data in one place. Collect and qualify all the contacts you meet during your actions.

Your contact database will become the nerve centre of your campaign.

Start by importing all the information you have on your community, in CSV format (comma separated files).

(For example: Electoral lists, census files or political association databases)

Do not hesitate to contact our teams if you have any doubts about the format of the file or the correspondence between the fields in your old database and those in Qomon.

If you have files, this is an important step that will save you time in your actions.

1a. Remember to deduplicate.

If you have imported several files from different sources, it is possible that duplicates have been created in your new contact database. Do this in order to start from a sound base.

2. Get people to act: Recruit and invite your volunteers to act on Qomon.

Your staff and volunteers are the backbone of a good campaign.

To help you organise and animate your team, you need to invite them to join your organisation on Qomon.

Assign them roles, give them missions, invite them to mobilisation actions: Engage with your community!

3. Set up your personal space

We deliver the platform with default settings, but your Qomon platform should look like you!

Customise it according to your needs and vocabulary

3a. Modifying the statutes.

The statuses correspond to the main categorisation of citizens according to your project.

3b. Modify tasks

Tasks are actions you have to carry out after a meeting with citizens. Do not leave any specific request unanswered!

The citizen has spent time to give you feedback, this is the most valuable thing you can have.

3c. Customise your contact details

The contact form corresponds to the personal information that you can collect on a citizen after the meeting (Name, first name, address, etc.). Choose the fields that interest you and that you want to make visible, but especially those that you want to make mandatory!

3d. Create your survey

It is a great way to get into a discussion, to gather useful information or simply to create contact.

Remember to contact the support team if you need advice or help with this project.

3e. Import your documents

Give access to campaign documents, materials for your mobilisation, presentation videos or any other files in a few clicks.

Your volunteers will be able to consult them directly from the mobile application.

5. Launch your first actions! 🚶‍♂️

Let's go!

Your Qomon space is ready to collect all the data and contacts you will mobilise during your campaign.

Use the different types of actions available in Qomon, organise canvassing actions, mailings, share messages in the address books, use the social networks of your volunteers etc...

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